Where To Buy Chanca Piedra

February 22, 2011

There are many places to buy chanca piedra. However not all chance is created equally.  You can easily find it for $8-$10 a bottle but you will be getting a very inferior product that will mostly be stems and leaves.  This will contain very little of the active ingredient and will basically be useless. Actually, worse than useless as you will have wasted your money and still be in pain.

Here is a description of the chanca piedra I use:

I used 1 bottle of Chanca piedra in one week and I eliminated 2 large kidney stones. Radiography first detected the stones. One week after using the chanca piedra they were gone! I understand this Chanca piedra is a common plant in Peru but I had to buy mine.

From the manufacturer, a Canadian government certified nutraceutical company:

“Many other chanca piedra products are ‘leaves and stems’ and other things. Such products contain very low quantities of the actual effective ingredients and will probably do nothing for you. The product below is a very strong, 100 % pure extract in a 10:1 ratio. We believe that this is the most effective kidney stone dissolver on the market. Do not settle for cheap, low quality products when your health is in question.”
-Pur-Natural Ingredients


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