Kidney Stone Operation Horror!

Kidney Stone Operation Horror!

Hospital to pay for botching operations!

The National Consumer Commission has directed a Mysore-based hospital and its doctor to pay compensation to a man for ‘botching up’ operations on him for removal of kidney stones and leaving a stent inside his body in 2003.

The Kidney Stone Operation Horror

A Bench of the apex consumer body headed by Justice Ashok Bhan held Dr KM Madappa and the JSS hospital guilty of “medical negligence and deficiency in service” and asked them to pay the amount to patient B N Rajesh.

The Commission dismissed an appeal of Dr Madappa and the hospital. Challenging the decision of the Karnataka State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, directing them to compensate Rajesh.

Rajesh could not get any relief from pain despite being operated on 3 times for removal of kidney stones.

“We agree that despite three surgeries the petitioners (doctor and hospital) failed to treat the ailment and it was finally treated successfully by another doctor. There have been contradictions in respect of the medical facts, medical advice and the treatment given by the petitioners to Rajesh”

the Commission noted

Operation Horror Further Info

Rajesh, who was suffering from kidney stones, was operated 3 times at the hospital between February 21, 2002 and September 26, 2003.

He was discharged from the hospital two days later with the assurance that a pipe inserted in him during the treatment had been removed

Since Rajesh could still not get any relief from persisting stomach pain, he approached Sanjo Hospital where Dr K S Venugopal conducted a fresh operation on him and removed the pipe, leading to his recovery.

The commission noted that the hospital did not state correct facts before it with regard to the date of stenting on the patient and the follow up actions taken by him.


Chanca piedra would have dissolved and cleared his kidney stones, safely and painlessly without surgery. No pain, no expense, no lost work time.

Beer Lowers Risk of Kidney Stones

Beer Lowers Risk of Kidney Stones

When most people think of heart-healthy beverages, they think of red wine. It is time to consider beer instead. Read below to find out why.

New evidence from the American Dietetic Association (ADA) shows that beer has a great deal of nutrition and heart benefits as well, according to an article published in ADA Times.

“Red wine enjoys a reputation for sophistication and health benefits, but as interest in artisan brewing gains momentum and emerging research reveals unique nutrition properties, than Beer Lowers Risk of Kidney Stones.

“Beer is finding redemption not only as a classy libation with deep roots in many cultures, but as a beverage with benefits,”

said registered dietitian and ADA spokesperson Andrea Giancoli in a news release to the Beer Lowers Risk of Kidney Stones.

beer can lower risk of kidney stones

The article comes out just in time for American Heart Month, which raises awareness of cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in the United States. One in three adults has some form of heart disease, and many can be prevented by healthier food choices to Beer Lowers Risk of Kidney Stones.

Giancoli said that moderate consumption of beer has shown to increase HDL cholesterol (good), lower LDL cholesterol (bad), and reduce the risk of blood clots. It also lowers the risk of gallstones and type 2 diabetes.

“Beer specifically has been associated with additional health outcomes, including lowering the risk of kidney stones in men compared to other alcoholic beverages, possibly due to its high water content and diuretic effect.”

Giancoli said to Beer Lowers Risk of Kidney Stones.

“Compounds in hops may also slow the release of calcium from bone that is implicated in kidney stones. Additionally, beer drinkers seem to have a more protective effect towards greater bone mineral density due to the high content of silicone in beer.”

” Wine and beer are both fat-free, but only beer contains a small amount of protein in its total calories. The lower alcohol content of beer also plays a role to the Beer Lowers Risk of Kidney Stones.”

“Wines are between 12 percent and 14 percent ABV. Because the average beer has a lower ABV and more than two and half times as much water, it contributes to fluid intake more so than wine.”

Recent studies show that most lagers contain close to 2 grams of soluble fiber per liter, and dark beers can contain over 3 grams and Beer Lowers Risk of Kidney Stones.

But the ADA still recommends moderation when it comes to alcohol.

“Whether you’re exploring the cultural roots of an ancient beverage, expanding your culinary prowess, supporting a local brewer or just enjoying a cold one, and Beer Lowers Risk of Kidney Stones.”

Giancoli said

“Remember that moderate consumption means one 12-ounce beer per day for women and two for men.”

Mayor Suffers Kidney Stone Attack

Courtesy of David Rider Urban Affairs Bureau Chief, TorontoStar
Published On Fri Feb 11 2011 to the Mayor Suffers Kidney Stone Attack.

During a second day as an outpatient at a Toronto hospital, ex-Mayor Rob Ford received treatment for a kidney stone and was discharged — apparently for good — to rest at home to the Mayor Suffers Kidney Stone Attack.

His office said late Friday afternoon that Ford was released after undergoing an unspecified procedure. Shock waves and lasers are among techniques used to break up kidney stones so that they can be more easily passedto Mayor Suffers Kidney Stone Attack.

On Wednesday night, Ford complained of discomfort during meetings in his office.

On Thursday he went to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre where tests revealed a kidney stone, Mayor Suffers Kidney Stone Attack. considered medium-sized at 5 to 6 millimetres.

He was given pain medication and, once the pain had subsided, sent home with hopes that he would pass the stone naturally to Mayor Suffers Kidney Stone Attack.

But the mayor returned to hospital Friday and was again admitted as an outpatient. His office said he’s expected to be off work resting “for a few days.

” Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday stood in for Ford on Friday afternoon, welcoming visiting Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi to City Hall to Mayor Suffers Kidney Stone Attack.

Holyday said Ford underwent a second procedure and apparently it worked. Mayor Suffers Kidney Stone Attack. Nenshi, elected in October, quipped that he too had suffered from kidney stones but, unlike Ford, his updates weren’t broadcast on the evening news.

Ford has suffered health problems in the past, including kidney stones.

He told CTV last September that one of his toughest moments was in 2009 when doctors removed a tumour from his appendix and Mayor Suffers Kidney Stone Attack.

“I had a major surgery on my appendix; they took out a piece of my colon. Mayor Suffers Kidney Stone Attack. So I had a tumour in my appendix, and that’s pretty scary when that happens,” he told the station.“But I’m feeling good now so things are going pretty good to Mayor Suffers Kidney Stone Attack.

” Ford also missed an appearance Friday on a panel with mayors from Mississauga, Markham and Hamilton, at the city-builders’ CivicAction summit and Mayor Suffers Kidney Stone Attack.

Nurse Steals Patients Pain Meds

Nurse Steals Patients Pain Meds

A former nurse anesthetist at Abbott Northwestern Hospital is accused of stealing her patient’s medication just before surgery and taking it herself.

When a male patient came in to have kidney stones removed, rather than administer a powerful anesthetic that should have rendered the procedure painless, nurse Sarah May Casareto told him she couldn’t give him the drugs and used them herself.

According to the police report, the patient arrived at the hospital to have his kidney stones surgically removed. He was told by his doctor that the procedure would be painless, but once he was left in the care of Casareto, she said something that should have sent him running for the door.

“You’re gonna have to man up here and take some of the pain,”

The nurse said and proceeded to tell him,

“We can’t give you a lot of medication. You’re going straight into surgery.”

The overly trusting patient was then wheeled into the OR without being given the powerful pain med Fentanyl that had been prescribed to him.

Here’s the horror-movie part. As the surgery began, the doctor inserted a tube through an incision in the patient’s back and down into his kidney.

The patient—who should have been completely knocked out—told cops it felt like

“very long needles going through my skin and down into my kidney.”

As he screamed and almost lurched up off the table, one of the technicians had to hold him down. Helpfully, Casareto leaned into his ear and said loudly,

“Go to your beach…go to your happy place.”

Around this time both the doctor and technicians realized that Casareto was in her happy place.

The doctor recalls that at one point she wandered out of the room when she should’ve been tending to the patient, who was screaming and writhing in pain.

Her eyes were red and she couldn’t properly attach EKGs to the man. Periodically, she nodded off.

After the surgery was over, the technician noticed Casareto had two syringes with the labels peeled off in her pockets. She also couldn’t properly account for all of the Fentanyl she had signed out for the procedure.then Nurse Steals Patients Pain Meds.

Casareto was called into her supervisor’s office, where she was described as rocking back and forth and acting belligerent.

They found in her pockets four more empty, unmarked syringes, which one of the technicians believed once contained Fentanyl.

They demanded she take a drug test.

“I will resign first before I take a drug test,”

said Casareto.

Her supervisor obliged her.

When police interviewed Casareto, she admitted that she has been addicted to pain meds in the past, including Vicodin and Percocet.

She was arrested and charged with felony theft of a controlled substance.

In a statement from her attorney, Casareto is flatly denying the charges. She claims that Abbott Northwestern is trying to avoid blame for the patient’s painful operation.

“Abbott is clearly using Mrs. Casareto as a scapegoat to avoid a potential multi-million judgment,”

writes attorney Max Keller

Her attorney says the “man up” comment was just a friendly pep talk to warn King that he might experience some pain even while properly medicated.

“Mrs. Casareto’s employment records from Abbott show that her hospital supervisors repeatedly praised her for being a compassionate nurse,”

writes Keller.

“Intentionally subjecting a patient to undue pain is the last thing that Sarah would ever do.”