Treatment of Kidney Stones

When treating kidney stones, you have basically 2 options:

  1. Medical Intervention
  2. Chanca Piedra

1. Medical Intervention

You are having a kidney stone attack, very painful, so you go to the hospital. In all likelihood someone else will have to drive you as you will be in too much pain.

When you get to the hospital you are¬†finally admitted –¬†after waiting for hours in the waiting room. They will run urine tests and might do x-rays. This is to confirm blood in the urine and detect blockages. You may be given a pain killer.

For the next several days you will be on a strict diet. Hopefully the stones will pass naturally. If they do not then a sonic device will be used to break them into smaller pieces. Surgery is also possible but is very rarely done.


  • Cost of hospital stay – $10,000 or more.
  • Week or more of missed work and the lost wages
  • Staying in a hospital, which is rarely enjoyable
  • Inability to care for your family
  • Possibility of getting sicker, ie. catching something while in the hospital
  • Possibility of being given wrong medication or NO meds!

2. Chanca Piedra

You have a kidney stone attack and you immediately, wherever you are, start taking chanca piedra. It will start breaking down the stones and you will pass them naturally.

There will be less pain, possibly none, than passing them in the hospital. In the hospital you pass full sized (painful) stones. Using chanca piedra allows you to pass stones that have been broken down.

Your cost is next to nothing and you have none of the cons associated with a hospital stay.

Follow Up: Keep Chanca Piedra On Hand

Once you have had a kidney stone attack you are VERY likely to develop more kidney stones in the future. You need to adjust your diet and lifestyle.

Eat less dairy. Drink less alcohol and caffeinated beverages. Drink more pure water. Get more exercise.

Remember to always keep at least one bottle of chanca piedra on hand in case you have another kidney stone attack.

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