Mayor Suffers Kidney Stone Attack

Courtesy of David Rider Urban Affairs Bureau Chief, TorontoStar
Published On Fri Feb 11 2011 to the Mayor Suffers Kidney Stone Attack.

During a second day as an outpatient at a Toronto hospital, ex-Mayor Rob Ford received treatment for a kidney stone and was discharged — apparently for good — to rest at home to the Mayor Suffers Kidney Stone Attack.

His office said late Friday afternoon that Ford was released after undergoing an unspecified procedure. Shock waves and lasers are among techniques used to break up kidney stones so that they can be more easily passedto Mayor Suffers Kidney Stone Attack.

On Wednesday night, Ford complained of discomfort during meetings in his office.

On Thursday he went to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre where tests revealed a kidney stone, Mayor Suffers Kidney Stone Attack. considered medium-sized at 5 to 6 millimetres.

He was given pain medication and, once the pain had subsided, sent home with hopes that he would pass the stone naturally to Mayor Suffers Kidney Stone Attack.

But the mayor returned to hospital Friday and was again admitted as an outpatient. His office said he’s expected to be off work resting “for a few days.

” Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday stood in for Ford on Friday afternoon, welcoming visiting Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi to City Hall to Mayor Suffers Kidney Stone Attack.

Holyday said Ford underwent a second procedure and apparently it worked. Mayor Suffers Kidney Stone Attack. Nenshi, elected in October, quipped that he too had suffered from kidney stones but, unlike Ford, his updates weren’t broadcast on the evening news.

Ford has suffered health problems in the past, including kidney stones.

He told CTV last September that one of his toughest moments was in 2009 when doctors removed a tumour from his appendix and Mayor Suffers Kidney Stone Attack.

“I had a major surgery on my appendix; they took out a piece of my colon. Mayor Suffers Kidney Stone Attack. So I had a tumour in my appendix, and that’s pretty scary when that happens,” he told the station.“But I’m feeling good now so things are going pretty good to Mayor Suffers Kidney Stone Attack.

” Ford also missed an appearance Friday on a panel with mayors from Mississauga, Markham and Hamilton, at the city-builders’ CivicAction summit and Mayor Suffers Kidney Stone Attack.